A Foundation of Balance: Minding the Present While Preserving the Future

Loomshine's fundamental goal is to create a win-win scenario between your lifestyle and our planet. The pursuit of easy-to-follow wellness in all areas of our life, not just your yoga class, is how we started. We realized that everything in your life can be a source of happiness and well-being. Our solution to do this was simply to stick to the basics that have worked for thousands of years: rely on good ol' Mother Earth. Our ancestors have always depended on goods made from the earth. We realize that formula works well and only needs a little re-imagination in order to create a better human-planet relationship. While our focus is on how nature can be combined with modern lifestyles with an eye on design, mindfulness and creativity, we know the street goes both ways. 

Our mindset is simple. We must water the tree so that it's fruits can feed us. Sustainability is really about harmony and the mutual sharing of energy.  While we are never going to be perfect, we try really dang hard to create a cyclical economy that creates a carbon neutral footprint. And this isn't lip-service. We love nature. Our team is made up of nature-lovers and green-thumbs.

Below are some simple mindsets and measures we have taken to ensure a better future.



A Sustainability Mindset

Sustainability is a discussion point in our office every step of the way. Plain and simple. We emphasize it in all areas of our work, from the products to our own work-life balance. Sustainability for us is deeper than just finding carbon-neutrality. It's about building towards a way of doing things that make sense for our mind, body and soul for ourselves, our customers and the earth. Most of our team are yoga-enthusiasts or fitness lovers. The members are all in pursuit of joy and a life with less stress.

Beyond this, we also believe in the science of a planet in rapid decline. We want to be part of the solution. Since the Loomshine mission is focused on natural goods, we remind ourselves what is at stake if "nature" isn't thriving.

We are pragmatists too. Our company is focused on practical sustainability. While we do our best to support conservation, we also realize that everything takes time. We champion the person who tries to switch just 5% of their regular goods to sustainable ones as much as we do the eco-warriors out there. Part of our mission is to find affordable goods for every single customer, not just a small group. So with that in mind, we have committed to a long-term strategy. A step-by-step approach is our plan. Rather than create costs that make purchasing harder for our customers, we try to find a middle ground. We continue to push our suppliers to find more sustainable methods. We find every pathway to sourcing sustainable goods. Our office and warehouse practices are designed to be as sustainable as possible. But the biggest goal is to simply create a shop that makes it easy to shop sustainability.


A Priority on the "Right" Materials

Loomshine is committed to enriching your life with high-quality organic and sustainable materials. While we feature natural products, we strive to source goods that are made of recycled materials. Certification and known origins are key to our sourcing as well. Organic cotton is employed as much as possible in our textile lines. Where there are other fibers or pulps used, we prioritize companies that can verify that they are grown and made in clean environments. 

In addition to our careful product selections, we strive hard to be fully sustainable in our shipping practices. Nearly all of our packaging materials are eco-friendly. Due to outdated industry standards, recyclable or green shipping supplies can be more costly, but we push hard to help change the landscape of eco-conscious shipping.

In general, expect all of our goods to be 80 percent sustainable or better, and our packaging to be 90 percent or better. One of our primary challenges is in manufacturing. As we continue to grow, we are pushing hard to unlock a supply chain that supports our vision. This especially includes suppliers that can adapt to our standards. We appreciate your patience as we evolve our supply chain.