About Us

How Loomshine began

Our roots are in the wedding and event industry, operating venues and studios in San Diego for years. We have always loved bringing peoples' visions to life, whether it be for a wedding with 200 guests or a yoga retreat with 15 yogis. Designing the space and experience to make someone's event a success is one of our favorite things to do!

As that business grew, we realized our knack for creating uplifting environments could reach far beyond the event industry and right into peoples' homes. Clients of ours began asking us to help source goods for their living spaces, and we were happy to help. Finding unique, stylish decor that inspires wellness and conscious living habits quickly became our mission.


So Loomshine was born!

We realize that the world we live in today doesn't exactly prioritize things like wellness, mindfulness, peace, creativity and slowing down. For many of us, our days are filled with endless things to get done at grueling paces. We must make conscious efforts to unplug and disconnect from the rat race so that we can find peace and a deeper connection to what really matters in life.

At Loomshine, we want to help you do just that.

We believe in modern, stylish designs that inspire conscious living without harming our planet, Mother Earth. Our carefully curated products are selected with these 3 pieces in mind:

Stylish, modern designs

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to create a living space that aligns with your soul. Every product we sell is hand-picked with attention on crafting a contemporary home with connections. We source our products from vendors across the globe to ensure that we can bring you unique items that can be hard to find. This is not to say that our products are innovative and without roots. Quite the opposite. Style and trends are constantly being recycled and reinvented. Consciousness too has evolved and joined modern day lifestyles. Enter LoomShine. Our shops are here to offer products that stay current and give a way to shop to those who can't easily access goods for the modern, mindful consumer.

LoomShine provides goods to your home that have deep connections to nature; mental, physical or spiritual wellness.

Mindfully inspired

The design and materials used in your living space affects your mood, perceptions and subconscious mind. A home that has been designed with mindfulness principles relieves stress and positively affects your mental health.

All of our products are selected with this in mind. We want to help you create a home that is designed with a wellness and joy mindset that is predicated on mindfulness. We aim to help keep you present and grounded, especially in times of stress. A LoomShine inspired home heightens your awareness of your surroundings and adds to your sense of wellbeing, zen, happiness, connectivity, or creativity -- all things that we believe to be vital in making for a better life.

Natural and Eco-friendly

In everything we do, we constantly ask ourselves “How can we make this better for the planet?” We take into consideration the entire lifecycle of each product we source in order to minimize waste. All of our products and the production behind getting our goods to you are constantly being considered in their environmental impact. The retail industry is built on poor practices and the use of harmful materials. This also includes the goods you bring into your home. As such, we strive to source products and shipping materials that lower the stress on a healthy home and a healthy planet.

Meet the Founder

Our founder and CEO, Kenneth Ho, is a storyteller at heart, a lover of the natural world and a seeker of balance in all areas of life. After navigating through his own challenges with anxiety and stress, Kenneth became determined to help others do the same. He realized that what we surround ourselves with becomes our reality, so why not surround yourself with things that promote balance, encourage peace and embody a conscious approach to living. Kenneth loves seeking out unique, beautiful and interesting products to add to the Loomshine store, and will go to all corners of the earth to do just that!

Kenneth Ho