Our Story

We Are Loomshine

We believe that the simple, every day choices each of us makes has a tremendous impact on the health of our bodies, our communities, and the planet we call home. So we strive to responsibly source products that are made from natural materials to support your life while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprints.

We realize that the world we live in today doesn't exactly prioritize things like wellness, mindfulness, peace, creativity and slowing down. For most, our days are filled with endless things to get done at grueling speed. We live fast-paced lives that make it easy to lose our sense of self. So we must make conscious efforts to find peace and harmony, to reach a deeper connection to what really matters in life.

At Loomshine, we want to help you do just that...

...without abandoning things you already appreciate in your existing lifestyle. We believe in modern, stylish designs that inspire conscious living without harming our planet, Mother Earth.

Our Roots

Our roots began in San Diego, where for years we have designed and hosted events in the venue industry. We have always loved creating beautiful spaces, whether it be for a wedding with 200 guests or a yoga retreat with 15 yogis. Designing the space and experience to make someone's event a success is one of our favorite things to do!

As that business grew, we realized our knack for creating uplifting environments could reach far beyond the event industry and right into peoples' homes and lives. One of the drawbacks of the event industry is the incredible amount of stress that comes with it. So we began finding ways to bring goods into the home that supported healing and stress-relief without sacrificing on style. This led to an epiphany: that design and wellness could co-exist in a shop for your home and lifestyle. Finding unique, stylish products that inspires wellness and conscious living habits quickly became our mission.